Where Mark stands

Mark is fighting to make sure that local government is responsive to the needs and values of our community. To learn more about Mark's specific policy proposals, click here.

Mark is working to help:

Fix Albany

  • Non-partisan redistricting
  • Campaign finance reform
  • More open and transparent budget process
  • Empower legislative committees to help shape legislation

Improve our schools

  • Every child should have the option of expanded learning time through a quality after-school program in his or her school.
  • Smaller class sizes are needed—especially in the early grades—to ensure that kids get the individual attention they need.
  • Greater school choice for families within the public school system, including parent-led academies, small schools, and other innovative models.
  • Accelerated construction of new schools in neighborhoods where overcrowding has become severe, such as the Upper West Side and Washington Heights.
  • Parents need a greater voice in the decision-making of their schools, the local district, and the system as a whole. 

Preserve and expand affordable housing

  • Repeal Urstadt Law (which denies NYC the right to determine its own rent laws)
  • Eliminate vacancy decontrol
  • Expand the supply of affordable housing in NYC for low- and moderate-income residents - including preservation and extension of Mitchell-Lama housing
  • Aggressive, abusive tactics of landlords seeking to force out low-income tenants must be stopped through stepped up enforcement of existing fair housing laws, and provision of free legal representation to tenants facing eviction.

Strengthen mass transit

  • More openness and accountability at the MTA
  • Fully fund the MTA's capital and operating budgets
  • Better transit access for New Yorkers with disabilities.

Promote a street renaissance

  • Create better designed bike lanes, more greenways and convenient and secure bicycle parking.
  • Make the streets a great place for pedestrians and bicyclists through better traffic enforcement and creative use of street space. 

Defend women's reproductive rights

  • Unfettered access to emergency contraception - including dispensing by pharmacists

Marriage equality and LGBT rights

  • Freedom to marry for all citizens, including same-sex couples
  • Support for Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), which will ensure that all New Yorkers are free from discrimination based on gender identity and expression in housing, employment and public accommodations.

Protecting our environment

  • "Kill the Drill" - ban on gas drilling in NYC watershed
  • Increase funding for renewable energy initiatives
  • Incentivize "smart growth" planning
  • Retrofit large buildings to be more energy-efficient
  • Reduce noise in our neighborhoods by limiting car alarms

Improve public safety

  • Strengthen gun safety laws - including requiring trigger locks and establishing a ballistics fingerprinting database for handguns

Reform healthcare

  • Universal single-payer healthcare system in New York State

Advance humane treatment of animals

  • Require fire sprinklers in all pet stores and other facilities in which animals are held
  • Enforce existing rules that require teaching a humane curriculum to students in the NYC public schools.


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