Mark Levine Calls for Candidates to be Chosen Based on Qualifications and Policy Proposals

As reported by the NY Daily News and the NY Post, Mark Levine called for voters to put divisive issues of nationality and ethnicity aside when choosing their candidates. 

"This race for State Senate, like all political campaigns, should be about the qualifications of the candidates and the policies that each of us puts forward, not about our appearance, ethnicity or religion," said Mark Levine in response to former Mayor Dinkins divisive comments.

"This is the standard I have always applied in politics,” said Levine.

Levine, as you can see from the GOTV video (Spanish-language version here), is married to a woman of Puerto Rican heritage, and the couple and their two children (who are bilingual) speak Spanish in the home.  In the video Mark's wife Ivelisse speaks out against old school politicians that seek to divide voters based on nationality, religion and ethnicity.

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Read the complete NYPost article


FranKGordon wrote 6 days 18 hours ago

Mark Levine

I admire this man! Voted for him! Just the other candidates do not see.


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alan51 wrote 10 weeks 1 day ago

yesterday's results

I can only guess that Mr. Levine did not win yesterday; I voted for him but don't see any information ANYWHERE including this site as to the results.

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