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As reported by the NY Daily News and the NY Post, Mark Levine called for voters to put issues of religion and ethnicity aside when choosing their candidates.  "This race for State Senate, like all political campaigns, should be about the qualifications of the candidates and the policies that each of us puts forward, not about our appearance, ethnicity or religion," said Levine.  

Mark's wife Ivelisse of Puerto Rican heritage recently spoke out against old school politicians who try to divide voters based on nationality and ethnicity.


The West Side Spirit endorsed Mark Levine today saying that he represents the possibility of new leadership for the district.

"He has a broad background of community building and activism.  He has the fresh ideas and independent background that voters want when it comes to reform in Albany."

The New York Daily News has endorsed Mark Levine calling him "a sharp, reform-minded former public school teacher who is the class of the field."

The Daily News said that Mark Levine "by far outshines the other well-known candidate in the race... Vote for Levine."

Democracy for America (DFA), the people-powered PAC, announced their endorsement of Mark Levine as New York’s Grassroots All-Star.

“I am deeply grateful to DFA’s acknowledgement of the unique grassroots character of our campaign to end the culture of dysfunction and corruption that plagues the State Legislature of our capitol,” Mark Levine said.

Mark Levine's State Senate campaign got a needed boost from small and local contributions, putting him ahead of his nearest competitor both in terms of funds raised during the period and cash on hand.

"Grass roots contributions made the difference, with over 90% from individual voters and more than half from local citizens," Levine said.

The Northwest Bronx Democratic Alliance held a campaign event last night for the political club’s two endorsed candidates.

Mark Levine, running for the 31st District state Senate seat, and Kathleen Rice, the front-runner in the state attorney general race, spoke to the crowd of more than 50 people gathered at Ibiza Lounge on West 242nd Street and Broadway.

Capitalizing on a childhood friendship with Oscar nominee Ed Norton, Levine has tapped into a deep reservoir of Hollywood cash to help fund his campaign.

"Edward remains a very close friend," Levine said. "He has really been the connector for most of these players."

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